Full time PA $300 USD Per Month


Social media

Approving posts 

Engaging with group members 

3x posts a week minimum to keep the group active and engaged (depends on author(s) needs

Access to a mega Street team who promo

Adding new members 

Closing up any in-group competitions 

Tagging author in any Facebook parties/ takeover opportunities 

Promoting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 

Can post to your personal Instagram/ Twitter for you

Newsletter sign up and organisation 



Signup / takeover forms 

Setting up and maintaining Alpha, Arc, Beta and street teams 

NDAs for all alpha & Beta readers 

Sending all Arcs to Arc Team and Winners of takeovers



Keeping an eye out for any takeovers opportunities 

Reminder one week before a party/ Start and Chat and post graphics for everyone in the takeover 


Book Release 

Extra promo before and after release 

universal links for books 

Putting up and/or correcting any incorrect information on Goodreads 

Organising takeover Forms

Takeover flyer for authors to share

Reminders 1 week before to all authors involved (chat)

Giving mod access to the authors involved a few days before hand and removing afterwards 

Intro Graphics and Tag for all authors involved  

Keeping an eye on the party to make sure it's running smoothly 

Maintaining Goodreads book link 

Can organise a blogger tour 

Access to a multi-genre street team 



Teaser graphics with book cover using stock images 

Party graphics and Ideas for takeovers this is limited to 2 per month 




Forms for organisation: includes Alpha, Beta, Arc, street team, blogger signup, signed book all transferred to your email.

Book Promo $75 USD

50 Promo posts about your book(s). Using different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TicTok. Includes Tracking so you can see that what you asked for has actually happened. 

Street Team Management $50 - 100 per month

I can take over the current running of a street team and I can also create a brand new one from scratch. Includes signup forms, creating the group, coming up with ideas to help keep all the readers pimping. Monthly point tracking for swag points.


Social Media Engagement $ 150 USD

Promo posts before and after release up to 50 posts and recommendations this includes tracking. universal link, tagging you in takeover opportunities. Organising a Book release party includes forms for takeover, Party Graphic for posting in other groups. Introduction graphics for each of the authors. Reminder to all authors and PA’s involved a week before and a chat set up. Giving mod access to all authors involved and removing after the event has finished. Keeping an eye on the event to make sure it's running smoothly


Graphics $20 - $40 

$20 for a package of 5 teaser graphics using a mixture of canva, bookbrush & Photoshop 

Between $30-$40 for release -party graphics

ARC Team Management $50-$100 USD
per Book 

This includes growing your arc team or creating it from scratch. Sending out arcs and following up with all team members that they have reviewed. Creating graphics for bloggers and Instagramers to share. Less then 50 arc readers $50 per book, 50+ members is $100

Book formatting
all formats include any updates - IE any grammar, spelling issues found after release

Basic format  -$25 USD

No chapter heading images just the book format  

no linking of previous books either.

Chapter Heading images (not designed) + Designed title page $50 USD

all previous books linked to a universal link at end of book

Fully designed chapter headings + Title page $90 USD

This includes universal links to previous books linked at the end of the book

Anthology Fomatting $100+ USD

Contact me for more information as price varies depending on the size